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Select the Router That’s Right for You.
When choosing a cellular router you don’t want to invest in features that you don’t need. But you don’t want to limit your options either. That’s why the B+B SmartWorx family of intelligent cellular routers offers you such a wide range of interfaces, capabilities and smart choices. Whatever your network needs to do, and wherever it needs to go, there’s a B+B SmartWorx cellular router that is perfect for your application.


New 4G LTE SmartStart and SmartFlex Routers


  • Aggregate data from multiple devices: Serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, I/O
  • Standard ports include: (2) Ethernet, (1) I/0 port, (1) USB port, (2) SIM slots and (1) microSD card holder
  • Optional ports include additional Ethernet ports and RS-232/422/485 serial ports with isolation
  • The router may have up to (5) Ethernet ports (2 router, 3 Ethernet switch)
  • Optional, industrial grade Wi-Fi is also available
  • GPS and GLONASS support
  • Plastic or metal enclosure
  • PoE models available
  • Install our User Modules for specific applications or create your own
  • Switch between cellular carriers at a moment’s notice
  • Connect Modbus equipment

SMART ROUTERS – Embedded Intelligence Makes Your Job Easier
Custom Scripts & User Modules

  • Insert Linux scripts to control various router functions. Create up to four different configurations for the same router. Configurations can include different SMS functionality and binary input configurations. Switch between different configurations at any time.
  • Add special functions to your router using User Modules from the B+B SmartWorx library, like our AT Modem Emulator, or create your own.

Remote Router Supervision & Mass Network Management

  • Use HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet/SSH for local/remote configuration and firmware updates.
  • Schedule automatic configuration and firmware updates from FTP/HTTP servers.
  • Apply mass configurations and firmware updates for every router on your network.
  • Use additional software for easy networking and monitoring, like SmartWorx HUB, SmartCLUSTER and R-SEENET.


  • Detailed logs of operation information, including signal status and data traffic.
  • Signal level data, cell identifiers and data traffic are saved in router memory for up to two months.
  • SNMP: router diagnostics, communication with I/O and MBUS.
  • LED indicators: signal strength, connection status, ports, customer’s application LED.

Functions & Software

  • B+B SmartWorx routers incorporate self-diagnostics and a HW watchdog.
  • Multiple SIM card holders and automatic failover provide wireless redundancy for critical applications.
  • Routers provide SMS and email messaging and control capability for remote alerts and resets.
  • Routers support the most commonly used LAN/WAN network protocols.


Why Pay For What You Don’t Need?

Low cost SmartStart routers provide Ethernet, I/0 and serial ports and are ideal for basic installations in remote locations. They provide LTE Cat.1 and Cat.4 cellular connectivity for remote equipment and LANs.

And, their best-in-class power consumption makes them ideal for solar and battery powered applications. They also make easy drop-in replacements for 2G and 3G devices as networks gradually retire those technologies.

Industrial M2M and IoT applications for SmartStart:

  • Ethernet lottery machines
  • ATM stations, kiosks
  • Gaming terminals along with RS-232 traffic controllers
  • Meters
  • UPS systems
  • PLCs




Get Exactly What You Do Need.

SmartFlex cellular routers are a global solution that provides secure Internet connectivity for devices and LANs via the cellular networks. It can provide automatic wireless failover for wired networks, wireless connectivity for devices in remote locations where cable connections are impractical and wireless connectivity for mobile assets. With upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps and download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, SmartFlex provides ample bandwidth, even for applications that require video.

SmartFlex Features:

  • GPS and GLONASS support
  • MicroSD card holder
  • PoE PD, PoE PSE, In/Out, USB host
  • Flexible port options- 3 port switch, Ethernet and RS-232/422/485 serial ports with isolation

Model No.Cellular Router Description
SL30200110SmartStart™ – 1 Ethernet, RS-232, I/O, 2 SIM
SL30200110SmartStart – 1 Ethernet, RS-232, I/O, 2 SIM, Wi-Fi
SR30500010SmartFlex™ – LTE, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 2 Ethernet, USB, 2 I/O, SD Holder, 2 SIM, GPS (NATAM)
SR30500410SmartFlex – LTE, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 3 Ethernet, USB, 2 I/O, SD Holder, RS232, RS485, 2 SIM (NATAM)
SR30508010SmartFlex – LTE, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 2 Ethernet, USB, 2 I/O, SD Holder, 2 SIM, GPS, PoE PSE (NATAM)
SR30510020SmartFlex – LTE, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 2 Ethernet, USB, 2 I/O, SD Holder, 2 SIM, GPS, Wi-Fi, Metal enclosure (NATAM)
SR30510420SmartFlex – LTE, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 3 Ethernet, USB, 2 I/O, SD Holder, RS232, RS485, 2 SIM, GPS, Wi-Fi, Metal enclosure (NATAM)

Software Management Tools

Monitoring & Management
R-SEENET collects information from individual routers and records the data into an SQL database. It then creates visual forms and reports for the network administrator.

Internal VPN Portal
SmartCLUSTER connects clients (B+B SmartWorx routers and end-user computers) via an open VPN tunnel. It creates communication links between individual tunnels and enables individual devices to communicate with one another.

Device Configuration, Diagnostics & Management Platform
Take management of devices to new levels of flexibility and efficiency. SmartWorx HUB provides a complete view of the installed device population and delivers configuration, diagnostic and management facilities directly to your desktop.

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