Cypress – High-Performance Murata Type 1CK Module Based on Cypress Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Technology


    The Murata Type 1CK module LBEE5ZZ1CK is a very high performance certified module that includes 2.4GHz/5GHz WLAN and Bluetooth functionality for consumer grade applications. Based on Cypress CYW4339, the module provides IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.1+EDR. No radio design is required with its embedded antenna. A connector based design enables fastest design and […]

Cypress – Nebula IoT Reference Design Board


The Nebula board is an IoT cloud ready board developed by Future Electronics which allows developers to quickly prototype and deploy their IoT ecosystems. Wireless connectivity is supported by the Murata 1DX module which houses the Cypress-based CYW4343W Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR)/BLE chipset radio. The board contains STMicroelectronics’ STM32F429 MCU which is an ARM […]

Cypress : Enables Long Range Connectivity in Industrial and Commercial IoT Applications


    Cypress BLE Solutions are enabling long range IoT. Although Bluetooth has traditionally been viewed as a short-range technology, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is now being adopted in a wide array of industrial and commercial/consumer IoT applications like sensor nodes due to its low power consumption. Several industrial/commercial applications are leveraging BLE for its […]

Cypress : Presenting the Sterling-LWB: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Ready Multi-Standard Module


LSR’s Sterling-LWB™ 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Smart Ready Multi-Standard Module provides your customers with more options, more certifications and a greater variety of antenna options, which altogether provides greater flexibility to meet the challenging requirements of many wireless designs. This certified module is based upon the Cypress (formerly Broadcom) 4343W chipset, and supports IEEE […]

Cypress – Solar Powered BLE Sensor Beacon Reference Design Kit


The CYALKIT-E02 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon Reference Design Kit (RDK) has been created to help design tiny solar-powered IoT devices with BLE wireless connectivity. The RDK comes with a Solar BLE Sensor as well as a BLE-USB Bridge and Debug Board. The Solar BLE Sensor is based on Cypress’ Energy Harvesting Power Management IC (PMIC) […]

Cypress – Bluetooth Smart, EZ-BLE Module


EZ-BLE Modules are fully integrated, fully certified, programmable modules designed for ease-of-use and reducing time-to-market. Cypress expands its PRoC portfolio with three new EZ-BLE Modules. The modules are a turnkey solution and include onboard peripherals such as crystal oscillators, trace or chip antenna, passive components and the Cypress PRoC BLE radio. The new modules vary […]

Cypress – Easily Design Fully Certified BLE Systems with the Industrys Most Integrated Programmable Bluetooth Smart Module


New Fully-Certified EZ-BLE™ PSoC® Module Provides an Easy-to-Use, End-to-End Solution, Reducing Time-to-Market and Costs for Sensor-Based IoT Devices. EZ-BLE PSoC Module is a fully integrated, fully certified, 11 x 11 x 1.8 mm, programmable, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module designed for ease-of-use and reducing time-to-market. It contains Cypress’s PSoC 4 BLE chip, two crystals, antenna, […]

Cypress – PSoC4® BLE: PSOC Now Integrates Bluetooth® Low Energy


PSoC 4 BLE is an easy-to-use, ARM® Cortex™-M0 based, single-chip solution which integrates programmable analog front ends, programmable digital peripherals, CapSense® technology for touch-sensing, and a Bluetooth® LE (Low Energy) or Bluetooth Smart radio. FEATURES/SPECS Bluetooth Core Specification 4.1 48-MHz ARM® Cortex™-M0 CPU Up to 128 KB Flash and 16 KB SRAM Bluetooth Smart Connectivity […]