Future Electronics – Battle Royale! LoRa Versus LTE CAT M1


By Matt Rose, FCS Wireless Specialist For the last few years, machine-to-machine and Internet-of-Things applications relied on 2G and 3G cellular systems for wide area network communications. As broad market consumers required more performance from their smartphones to stream the latest wrestling match video, these older protocols have become obsolete and high-bandwidth 4G-LTE has become […]

Microchip – Long Range Meets Low Power with LoRa® Wireless Technology


The RN2903 is a revolutionary end-node solution that enables extremely long-range (over 10 miles), bidirectional communication with significant battery life for Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), smart city and industrial applications. The RN2903 is a fully-certified 915 MHz module based on wireless LoRa® technology. The RN2903 utilizes a unique spread spectrum modulation within the […]