Cypress : Presenting the Sterling-LWB: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Ready Multi-Standard Module


LSR’s Sterling-LWB™ 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Smart Ready Multi-Standard Module provides your customers with more options, more certifications and a greater variety of antenna options, which altogether provides greater flexibility to meet the challenging requirements of many wireless designs. This certified module is based upon the Cypress (formerly Broadcom) 4343W chipset, and supports IEEE […]

Microchip : Connecting to the Internet of Things Just got Easier


Complete, Standalone IoT Endpoint module with integrated MCU and Wi-Fi SoC The SAMW25 module brings wireless Internet connectivity to any embedded design. This integrated low-power module offers the ideal solution for designers with no previous 802.11, IP Stack or RF experience seeking to add Wi-Fi connectivity to their products. It provides connectivity to the Internet […]



DIGI CONNECTCORE® FOR I.MX6UL Digi’s upcoming ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL is a small-footprint, highly integrated system-on-module solution based on the NXP i.MX6UL processor. It delivers the security that business applications require in a cost-effective embedded computing and communication platform. The ConnectCore 6UL is ideal for a wide variety of applications in healthcare, precision agriculture, building access/control, […]



By Jean-Daniel Wu, Antenna Specialist AE The use of multiple antennas based on Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) techniques is the key feature of 802.11n/ac, which in theory outperforms 802.11a/b/g by higher  throughput. Engineers who are interested in designing Wi-Fi modules are presented with the problems of whether 802.11n/ac shall be implemented and how much performance  improvement […]

STMicroelectronics – Connectivity to the IBM Bluemix Cloud with Wi-Fi, NFC and sensors software expansion for STM32 Cube


“Proof of concept” during the design phase is a critical point in the development of a product. Being able to determine the effectiveness of the design when compared to the list of requirements, while keeping the program schedule on track, is extremely important in today’s “time to market” economy. Having fully integrated prototyping and development […]

GainSpan Adds Its Smallest Module Yet to the GS2000 Wi-Fi Family for IoT Products


The GainSpan GS2200MIZ minimodule is a fully integrated module with an extremely small footprint. A powerful module packed in a small package, it provides a quick, easy and cost-effective way for device and appliance manufacturers to add Wi-Fi connectivity to their products. The minimodule can be used in a hostless mode (no external MCU), or […]

Panasonic – Wi-Fi Made Easy! Quickly Add Wi-Fi to your Application with Panasonic’s 9320 Series


Panasonic PAN9320 Series is a fully embedded Wi-Fi module with an integrated IoT stack and API that minimizes firmware development and includes a full security suite. The PAN9320 Series is a standalone 2.4 GHz WiFi module, supporting the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards designed for applications where a small form factor and secure data connections are […]

ST Microelectronics – SPWF01SX Wi-Fi Modules for Iot Applications


The SPWF01SA and the SPWF01SC intelligent Wi-Fi modules represent a plug and play and standalone 802.11 b/g/n solution for easy integration of wireless Internet connectivity features into existing or new products. Configured around a single-chip 802.11 transceiver with integrated PA and an STM32 microcontroller with an extensive GPIO suite, the modules also incorporate timing clocks […]

Silex – SX-PCEGN-BT: Low-Cost Mini-PCIe Combo Wi-Fi Module Features Compatibility With Freescale’s i.MX6 Platform


SX-PCEGN-BT, is an 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth combo PCIe solution based on Qualcomm Atheros’s proven technology. It features the AR9485 chipset for Wi-Fi and AR3012 for Bluetooth 4.0. The SX-PCEGN-BT, like other Silex PCIe offerings, is a viable wireless connectivity option for various platforms including the Freescale i.MX6. The SX-PCEGN-BT is Silex’s entry-level PCIe […]

Gainspan IOT Solutions Offer Flexibility To Work Optimally With Any MCU Or Without MCUs


GainSpan delivers the most complete, flexible and powerful connectivity solutions for the IoT market. One of the keys to these capabilities is the company’s suite of software running on its Wi-Fi Chip—embedded, Serial-to-Wi-Fi (S2W) and IP-to-Wi-Fi (IP2W)—which gives customers the flexibility to work optimally with any MCU or without MCUs. Whether your design is a […]