Future Electronics – Battle Royale! LoRa Versus LTE CAT M1


By Matt Rose, FCS Wireless Specialist For the last few years, machine-to-machine and Internet-of-Things applications relied on 2G and 3G cellular systems for wide area network communications. As broad market consumers required more performance from their smartphones to stream the latest wrestling match video, these older protocols have become obsolete and high-bandwidth 4G-LTE has become […]

MultiTech – Industry-Certified, Developer Friendly Embedded Cellular SoM


MultiTech’s MultiConnect® Dragonfly™ cellular System-on-Modules (SoM’s) are complete, ready-to-integrate modules that offer developers the functionality of a programmable computing platform with the convenience of an onboard cellular radio all in one compact design. From a software perspective, Dragonfly is compatible with the ARM® mbed™ programming platform allowing for rapid prototyping and development. With its integrated […]

MultiTech – Programmable Gateway for the Internet of Things


MultiTech’s new IoT platform includes programmable gateways, long-range RF modules, accessory cards, and a remotely hosted application marketplace with comprehensive device management. MultiConnect® Conduit™ is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable cellular communications gateway for industrial IoT applications. Network engineers can remotely configure and optimize their Conduit performance through DeviceHQ™, the world’s first IoT […]

MultiTech – New 4G-LTE SocketModem® Cell Embedded Modems, Certified and Approved for M2M/IoT Applications


MultiTech has expanded its portfolio of embedded cellular modems and announces the availability of its first 4G-LTE models for the SocketModem Cell family. Models supporting AT&T, Europe and Verizon Wireless are now available. SocketModem Cell embedded cellular modems are network ready-to-integrate and carrier approved as an end device. These communications devices use the same Universal […]

Digi – Security and Performance for Digital Signage and M2M Terminals with Digi International’s TransPort™ WR11 4G LTE Routers


The Digi TransPort™ WR11 gives network management professionals a secure, reliable, and low-cost 3G/4G LTE connection to retail terminals for digital signage, kiosk, vending and gaming applications. Digi TransPort™ WR11 comes with Digi’s enterprise software configuration by default, which means network administrators have the routing, security, VPN and stateful firewall tools they need to create […]

MultiTech – MTSMC-H5: Fully certified, carrier approved cellular connectivity for your M2M/IoT Application


The SocketModem® Cell embedded cellular modem is ideal for customers looking to add cellular communications to their device or solution. This carrier approved and end-device certified embedded cellular modem offers a universal socket footprint that assures a seamless migration to future technologies. This design approach spans across all major cellular technologies, and provides a long […]

Multitech – Multitech’s MultiConnect® rCell – More Than Just A Router!


The MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series of cellular routers are a part of MultiTech’s comprehensive portfolio of cellular connectivity products optimized for M2M (machine-to-machine) communications. With a powerful remote Device Management platform, active on all MultiConnect rCell 100 Series routers, truck rolls are a thing of the past! Optimizing efficiency and providing the most compelling return […]

Sierra Wireless – Sierra Wireless AirPrime® Embedded Modules HL Series


Compact, Flexible, and Future Proof 2G, 3G, and 4G Essential Modules. Sierra Wireless AirPrime® HL embedded modules offer everything device manufacturers need to meet essential connectivity requirements for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications such as healthcare, point of sale terminals, fleet management, tracking, and consumer electronics. Key differentiators include a common form factor, small size, low-power consumption, […]

Multi-Tech – QuickCarrier™ USB-D First-ever Industrial M2M-quality Cellular USB Dongle for Long Term Supply


All QuickCarrier™ USB-D modems are fully certified and carrier approved, so you can get to market extremely fast, allowing applications to immediately start obtaining the benefits of M2M cellular connectivity. Designed specifically for industrial M2M communications applications that require consistent behavior and long term supply commitments well in excess of 5 years. The QuickCarrier USB-D […]

Sierra Wireless – AirPrime SL Series Development Kit


A complete development kit which provides all the tools and accessories you need to test concepts, deliver prototypes or develop an end user application with an AirPrime SL Series wireless module and the Open AT Application Framework. Designed to suit the needs of manufacturers of small host devices in high-volume production, the AirPrime SL Series […]