Datasheets & Tools – Issue 13


NXP – CLRC663 plus: Push your NFC Design Further with NXP’s Next-Gen Multi-Protocol NFC Frontend


  If you need the best NFC performance or the lowest power consumption, use this remarkably efficient yet highly flexible frontend to push your design further. It offers an extended temp range, pin-to-pin compatibility to CLRC663 family (MFRC630 SLRC610), and time-saving software tools. The CLRC663 plus is the perfect choice for NFC applications with high […]

NXP Semiconductors – NFC Readers And Ntag Solutions


NXP presents an impressive range of NFC products in its portfolio and includes: NFC Frontend Solutions, NFC Controller Solutions and NTAG I2C. NFC frontend solutions are reader IC’s that require the use of an external microcontroller or host processor. They are the cost effective way to add NFC to a system. They work flawlessly with […]