B+B SmartWorx : SMART CHOICES in Cellular Routers


Select the Router That’s Right for You. When choosing a cellular router you don’t want to invest in features that you don’t need. But you don’t want to limit your options either. That’s why the B+B SmartWorx family of intelligent cellular routers offers you such a wide range of interfaces, capabilities and smart choices. Whatever […]

Yageo – GPS/Glonass ceramic patch antennas


GPS/Glonass ceramic patch antennas Yageo’s GPS/Glonass ceramic patch antennas are ideal for automotive applications. The GPS patch antenna technology has been proved across industry to be the best antenna technology for receiving GPS signals. FEATURES Support GPS & GLONASS system Accurate GPS performance High radiation efficiency Pin-solder process Frequency: 1575/1602 MH APPLICATIONS Navigation device Telematics […]